The Greenteam as photographed by Caroline Rippier, a great friend of the garden, who sadly passed away in February.

February 2020

Pulmonaria (William and Mary) in flower along the pergola wall. Tete a Tete daffodils around the sundial and, at last, frogspawn in the pond.

March 2020

The Poesy garden completed but in desperate need of a grass cut. Below left, the star of the Poesy garden, Magnolia Leonard Messel in flower. Bottom right, our poorly flowering cherry making a comeback (hopefully) following advice from Hilliers.

March 2020

Above, the new mini-Fernery (off the Sunken garden) at an early stage. Below, the beginnings of a Moss garden perhaps. We shall see how it develops.

April 2020

Right, the Clematis montana beginning to spread its wings.

April 2020

Left, the Sunken Garden after being re-formed and then mulched with gravel.

April 2020

Below, the Oak Garden Spring's to life

April 2020

A third Hydrangea added to the Poesy Garden, and at last it has been mowed. Between the Poesy and the Wild Garden (below) is a quiet oasis.

April 2020

Two examples of art: Man's and Nature's (Bearded Iris).

May 2020

Sagina thriving in the Sunken Garden and the Flowering Cherry Garden now has geraniums and roses coming into flower. Gunnera looking happy in the pond.

May 2020

The Iris bed by the office entrance is starting to look spectacular and the Pergola roses (bottom-left) are now coming into bloom. 9th May, the long eastern Rose bed is starting to come into flower (bottom right). Nearly all the roses in the garden are David Austin plants.

May 2020

The front Registry Office bed was rescued from ivy/weeds last year, so this is its first season and benefitting from the early spring this year.

Kniphofia aka Red Hot Poker (right) in the Oak garden. (below) Peony in the west garden.

May 2020

Ferns thriving in the Shade Garden and House Leeks (Sempervivum) in the chimney pots.


A local initiative bringing together sewing ladies to make scrubs and masks for the Care Sector.

Our Amalanchier has been comandeered to display a great variety of cotton masks. Visitors are invited to choose one free and place a donation in the bucket if they wish to.

It has been so successful that it is difficult to keep up with the demand.

June 2020

We start to use our grant money by clearing the ivy and building raised beds for more fruit and vegetables. These will be filled with stones topped by topsoil mixed with composted manure.

Below, the sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) in full flower makes a warm welcome for visitors to the Secret Garden.

July 2020

We arrived one morning to find the pond level had dropped 2 feet. It appears that someone (or some creature) had moved the stone on top of the fountain, causing it to pump the water onto the path! Note the 'gnome' fishing at the back.

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