NEWS UPDATE November 2019

The Greenteam as photographed by Caroline Rippier


Brian Howard has worked tirelessly to open this public footpath. Various team members are now working to get the plot in order to the east of the fruit cage. We are also progressing the POTAGER (on the right) raised beds which will be used to grow vegetables.

24th March 2019

The first grass cut (thanks to Tom) and showing the two new round beds, edged with bricks.

The giant 15 cubic yard RoRo skip which was exactly the right size. David and Mark are redistributing the load.

After loading the skip, Bernie and Sue decided to rescue some of the wonderful composted soil at the bottom of the pile. This is top quality and ideal for seeds and propagating.

The wonderful space that was cleared. The railed off area in front was to show Mr Stanley where to dump the composted manure - now arrived. The area at the back is for bonfires etc.

These three wooden bins replace the 'arisings' taken away by skip. The soft material will be mixed with food waste and distributed between our 20 odd composters. The hard waste is for burning and the middle bin is for anything we can't deal with such as bindweed.

If you are a volunteer please let us know of your experiences in the garden.


The Poesey Garden starting to take shape. In the foreground is a Cornus Kusa and in the mid-ground is a Magnolia 'Oliver Messel'. In the background, covered on shrink-wrapped pallets is 3 tonnes of turf!!!!!!!!

The Poesey Garden is at last turfed

Brian and David adding brick edging and gravel covered membrane for drainage where soil is not good enough for turf.

Below is the completed garden.

Bernie's terrific entry for the St.Thomas Christmas Tree Festival - Starry Starry Night, a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.

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