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Health & Safety


Please keep the area as tidy as possible and the paths clear at all times.


Guard barriers should be used where the public might be endangered.


Volunteers should wear suitable clothing at all times, especially gloves and footwear.


If a ladder is used two volunteers should be involved, one to hold the ladder steady. If possible wide bases should be fitted and the top tied to something substantial.


Knees must be bent and back kept straight when lifting and two volunteers should be involved for awkward lifts.


Work will be suspended if weather is too bad. Frost and snow should be cleared from paths if working in winter. Hot drinks should be available in cold weather and sunblock/hats in hot.


Electrical equipment should not be used in wet weather.


Barriers should be used to keep members of the public from

danger when volunteers are working.


The site should be made safe at the end of each work stint.


Any machinery must be in good repair and working order

before use.


The correct tools should be selected for each job.


Safety equipment must be used when required: gloves for most work, goggles if eyes might be affected, heavy boots with strimmers, head gear when working with trees, ear-defenders when very noisy equipment is being used, masks with sprays etc.


The garden should be run on organic lines where possible and chemicals kept to the absolute minimum. The team-leader’s approval should be sought before using any chemical.

Water can be a source of Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) so butts and pond to be cleaned regularly and waterproofs to be worn where applicable. Care to be taken to ensure water does not reach the mouth. 

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