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Comments Book

In April 2019 we installed a Comments Book and were amazed at what has been written inside. For example ...........

The garden makes us feel happy and calm. I like the pond. I love the Police - Chloe 8, Ellie 6, Emily 3.

Wonderful! Thank you to all the volunteers. We loved it! - Liam and Dominique (Belgium).

Thank you garden fairies/pixies for all the hard work you do - much appreciated - X.

I like the tadpoles.PS I really like the garden - Hailey Young😊.

The garden makes me feel happy 😀. Thank you - Fay Young.

Happy - Olive 5.

A lovely place to relax and unwind. Thank you for all the wonderful efforts - Clare.

Very beautiful and a nice place to relax. Calms me down! - Holly 10.

A place of beauty - thank you for all the hard work that has been, and continues to be done. Nice path Brian!!

I like playing football in the garden. - Angelo Mesa-Greene😁.

It is remarkable. Good investment.

Very relaxing. My baby boy had a lovely nap. Thank you.

Stayed awhile soaking up the peace.

Always peaceful.Thank you - X.

Peaceful and calm. - Helen (cancer patient, Wilton).

When I am on shift (Mental Health Support) I bring some of my clients here. We enjoy the peacefulness and the garden constantly changing. The garden looks wonderful 🙂.

Is a loverly day I am 10 and I come hear every day and I have bin going hear for 9 years. Thank you.

Lovely garden. It was once the St. Edmunds School garden, used for 'Rural Science'.😊

The perfect place for our marriage photos.

A little bit of heaven in the midst of a busy city.

An inspiring place. A must see if you're in this beautiful city.

We are local and love to visit this magical place. I have 4-year old twins that love to explore the garden, the pond, the fish and the tadpoles and the amazing different types for leaves and flowers.

I come here most days starting in 2016. What a delight it is just to enjoy the peace and tranquility here. The changes over the last three years have been incredible. Such dedication from all the ladies and gents who form the volunteers. Long may it continue. A great credit to Salisbury.

I look forward to the days I have to work here and the opportunity for lunch in this wonderful space. Truly inspirational work here. Thank you.

This garden is my safe place but not for the reasons you think. I love this place it makes me feel relaxed and calm. This is where I go to on my good and bad days, I love it! F.V. 11 years old.

4 friends from South Africa - wonderful, well maintained and colourful - congratulations all you volunteers!

We are so fortunate to live only a couple of streets away from the Secret Garden. We routinely use this space as a feature during our walks and as a place of quiet and solitude. It is an oasis within our city and a true beauty spot. Thanks very much to all the hard working and talented volunteers that create and maintain this special space for our community. Tony & Debbie.

This lovely space has been slowly transformed into a little oasis. I value the peace and beauty, and some inspiration for my own rather inadequate (and tiny) outdoor spaces!

Well done all of you. Wonderful. Chlöe B and Mary S.

Tanello Films was here (and love it).

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