Potager Project

A  Potager is a garden for picking fruit vegetables and sometimes cut-flowers. The French were the past masters of the design but the world famous Château Villandry in the Loire was owned by a Scot!

This design was chosen as it is in keeping with the age of the house and its geometry compliments the modern offices. Its produce is a teaching resource, a way to involve schools and a way of producing a modest income for the garden.

This more modest type of design will fit better into the Secret Garden.

This is our design to fit into the area to the east of the walled garden, between the Wild Garden and the Police/Council offices. Happily Wiltshire Council agreed to transfer the funding from the Potager project to the Poesy Garden.

Unfortunately we had to abandon the project due to the effect of nearby trees. With Wiltshire Council agreement this has now been replaced by........

The Poesy Garden

Poesy is an old word for poetry and it also has a link with flowers. We envisage a peaceful garden comprising large patterns of turf with small trees and pebbled areas in between. Scattered around the garden would be signs with verses of poetry. If you would like us to add a verse of yours please send it by e-mail.

Weeding and weed-suppressent membrane going down for the winter.

The Poesy Garden was funded by a grant from the Wiltshire council Area Board

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