The Poesy Garden

Poesy is an old word for poetry and it also has a link with flowers. We envisaged a peaceful garden comprising new turf with small trees and a pebbled 'rill'. Scattered around the garden would be signs with verses of poetry. If you would like us to add a verse of yours please send it by e-mail.

The Poesy Garden was funded by a grant from the Wiltshire council Area Board

Climate Change

The Met-Office describes the effect of Climate Change on the UK as an increase in: warm wet winters, hot dry summers and extreme weather events.

One of our next projects is to make a Mediterranean Garden - we already have an olive tree. We have also applied for a grant that would enable us to mulch the soil with 10cm of 'forest bark'. This acts as a weed suppressant and reduces the loss of water.

We have also made it a matter of policy to only buy British plants. This is not just a question of what is on the label but validating the origin.

COVID-19 has shown how vulnerable we are to a collapse of the food supply-chain. We aim to do our bit by growing fruit and vegetables for the community in raised beds.

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