For the second year the leaves have been attacked by erinose mites and the grapes have rotted on the vine.

So we have tried a severe prune, cutting the three vines right back and then when they regrow we will keep them under much tighter control.

Alan has gone to town on a silver bed opposite the entrance to the Council offices and Police Station.

The path features square beds of Sempervivum (house leeks).

Alan's second project. The neglected patch to the east of the offices, full of weeds and even used for parking!

Richard and Mark cleared the top growth and then covered the area in sheeting. Alan has now weeded and dug in composted manure. As you can see he has started planting with small shrubs that can cope with the shade.

The pond edges being reshaped in order to provide a shallow shelf for marginals and bog plants.

Children tended to stand on the surrounding flower bed so larger viewing positions are being incorporated.

The new gravel path linking the office 'cloister' to the Oak Tree bed. It also left room for a Sedum bed on the right.

Excavating more flints has enabled us to raise the height of the rockery in the Sunken Garden.

Brian has taken charge of the cage and given it a good weed. The rather poor raspberries have been removed and a trench manured. New plants have been ordered.

The tubs behind the cage have also been manured and rhubarb crowns are ordered. The gooseberries on the extreme left are due to be brought inside the cage and the area paved.

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