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Great news, Clare has negotiated with Wessex Water for a grant of £900 that will enable us to fulfil our aim of involving children and doing more for the wildlife in the garden

The frogs arrived in late February but had disappeared by March. however they left some nice clumps of frogspawn. Children counted over 40 frogs.


We were amazed when Janice discovered a hidden rockery opposite the Poesy Garden. This is now being restored by Alex.

We knew that spring had arrived when the Magnolias started to flower. They are prone to frost so 'fingers crossed'.


The Iris border looking great thanks to Sandy and Kim. Note the Magnolias in the background.

Alan's Acacia now starting to look more tree-like.

The two Camelias now flowering their socks off.


The new OCTAGON, a bed principally for ornamental grasses and which forms part of the Wessex Water funded project to help cope with climate change and encourage biodiversity. There are more grasses on order.

The area currently covered in daffodils becomes a wild-flower plot and the strip between the wildflowers and the ivy is grass which will be allowed to grow.


Katy kindly donated this Victorian 'Butlers' sink which makes a good bed for succulents - unlikely to dry out in the hottest part of the garden.


The Flowering Cherry bed adjacent to the car-park starts to live up to its name.


Apple blossom arrives above the Herb Garden, full of new growth, carefully tended by Bernie. In the background, the fig tree is showing signs of life.


Again the councils have been unable to remove the 'arisings' so we have bitten the bullet and organised a skip to remove the waste. Now it is done it is a great relief to see it tidy again and we have 4 free bins to take compost.

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